Services & Pricing: Slides

  • How much does a slides-to-DVD order cost?

    Slides-to-DVD orders are $0.32 per slide. A price of $19.99 applies to orders of 62 slides or fewer. Find out more about slides to DVD pricing by clicking here.

  • How many slides will fit on one DVD?

    Up to 500 slides can be transferred onto one DVD.

  • Supported slides formats.

    We support 35mm, Super 35mm, 110, 126, 127, 127 SuperSlide, and 120/220 “Medium” format slides. All slides must be mounted inside cardboard or plastic frames.

  • What comes on the DVD from my slides transfer?

    DVD chapter menus with choice of DVD theme Slideshow movie of your images with your choice of background music. Each image will appear for about 7 seconds. DVD case with chapter picture index DV...

  • How do I prepare my slides for processing?

    It is very important that you remove your slides from all carousels, binders, trays and sheets. Any orders received in these containers will be returned unprocessed. The best way to prepare your slid...
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